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Dating and Zodiac Traits

Gemini- They are very eager to know more about their partner all the time

Aries- They are patient and kind, and will do anything for their partner

Pisces- it’s a blessing for their partner to have someone so understanding and lovable

Cancer- They take their time before getting into a relationship

Aquarius- They definitely need their freedom, and will motivate their partner to have their alone time as well. Cool! 

Capricorn- They will open up to their partner when they completely trust them

Sagittarius- They are curious and want their partner to appreciate and make them feel loved

Scorpio- They are reserved and take time to open up to a person

Libra- Seductive, Poised, and Charming. Mmm… We all agree with that!

Virgo- They won’t lose a second with the wrong person

Leo- They will always support their partner no matter what!

Taurus- They are comforting and caring when it comes to their partner, Stubborn…Yes but in a good way